Picking The Right Shoes For The Occasion Is Easier Now

Shoes are the most important part of a wardrobe. Yes, even more, important than clothes. People can wear ill-fitted clothes and pass them off as the “baggy” style with just a little confidence. Shabby clothes convey a nonchalant personality. Clothes too tight don’t restrict motion like painful shoes. Shoes also express personality. Whether chunky Fila’s or pointed stilettos, every pair tells a story.

Shoes for the Occasion

Everybody knows leather boots, penny loafers, Oxford shoes, and stilettos work for formal events. Sneakers work for sports, and flip-flops are perfect for the beach and for home. But there’s more to determining the right shoes for the occasion.

Comfort over Norm

Combining sneakers with ball gowns is probably the only good thing that came from the Twilight movies. Brave people had already chosen convenience and comfort over fashion trends. But this movie normalized it for everybody and brought the ultimate truth to the surface. Comfort is the priority.

There is no point in walking like Quasimodo in high heels if one cannot pull it off. The priority, even considering the fashion angle, is to wear whatever helps one walk in style. People always have an opinion about fashion. But everybody agrees that wearing comfort with confidence will never go out of style.


The activity level plays a crucial role in deciding what shoes to wear. High heels or tight boots only work for events that don’t involve more walking than in and out of a car. A hike or even a day of errands needs more supportive shoes. Chunky Fila’s or sleek Converse sports shoes are the best for an active day out. They can endure the pressure of long strides, and they protect the soles from pain.

Formal Quotient

Casual events accept any kind of shoes. But formal events demand formal shoes. Confidence won’t run deep enough to make a pair of red Crocs okay at a work event. Shoes that are not coordinated with the outfit will turn heads at a wedding and not in a good way. After all, a wedding is a formal event.

Any formal event, be it personal or for work, demands attention to detail. Footwear is the biggest detail people notice. Everybody must own at least two pairs of formal shoes that go with most formal clothes.

Ready to Go

People who know the importance of wearing the right shoes have a collection of several pairs over the years. Thank goodness foot size doesn’t change as often as dress size. But most of these shoes are forgotten and left to rot. Smart people practices include:

  • Regular cleaning and polishing of all the shoes. Once a month is good enough.
  • Keeping an eye on the soles and bottom of the shoes helps avoid a last-minute shoe shopping ordeal.

Repairing wear and tear is another smart practice. It saves money and helps retain shoes that were once chosen with love.


For those with limited space or budget for shoes, a pair of chunky Fila’s or any supportive sports shoes, a pair of formal leather or faux leather boots, and a pair of comfortably high heels are a must.

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