Managing Your Kids Sensitive Skin

Children have delicate skin which must be protected and nourished from an early age. Their skin is thinner and more sensitive than adults, so you must be careful when using certain products to wash their face and body. Most kids love playing outdoors, but in this environment, they are exposed to pollution, sun rays and other substances. Here are some tips on how care for your kid’s skin.


If your child suffers from sensitive skin, you should be careful when choosing a soap for their face. Try to go for a product which contains natural ingredients, ensuring it doesn’t have anything that may irritate their skin. If you are concerned about harmful preservatives and chemicals, and you’d like to reduce your child’s exposure to them, there are plenty of great products on the market, another option is to produce your own soap (รับ ผลิต สบู่ in Thai). If you’ve a real interest in the subject, you can contact a supplier and arrange a meeting. If you’d rather buy it from a professional supplier, you can always visit your local supermarket or pharmacy and ask for a product which is good for sensitive skin.

Remember these points when choosing a soap for kids with sensitive skin:

  • Always read the label
  • Select a product with natural ingredients
  • Speak to a dermatologist if needed
  • Look for dermatologically tested brands
  • Never select a soap product which contains perfume or dye

Sun Protection

If you child suffers from sensitive skin, you’ll need to select a sun cream which doesn’t irritate them. Getting kids to wear sunscreen can be difficult, even more so if the product you choose annoys your child’s skin. If you expose your child’s skin to the sun without protection, you could damage them skin and put them at risk of developing cancer later in life.

Encourage them to stay out of them sun during the hottest times of the day and make sure they wear plenty of clothing to protect them from harmful rays. You should select an SPF 30 or above when buying sunscreen. When choosing a product for kids with sensitive skin, always avoid anything that contains PABA. In addition to their skin, you shouldn’t forget their lips. Use a lip palm that carries a high SPF rating, burning your lips even as an adult can be very painful.

Consult with a Professional

If your child has seriously irritated skin, the best thing to do is to consult with a doctor on how to manage the issue. Your GP will be able to recommend a good dermatologist to control your child’s skin. They’ll be able to recommend all the right strategies and products to ensure they don’t suffer with their skin. Some kids have conditions that require special kinds of treatment.

Taking care of a child who has sensitive skin can be challenging, you have to be careful when buying sunscreen, washing detergents, soaps and other cleaning products. You must make the right choices when buying products that will interact with your child’s skin, it is your duty as a parent or guardian to ensure your kid follows a good skin care regimen.

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