How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Most people don’t know that maintaining their extensions daily is a must! They also don’t know how to properly clean their lash extensions, as they are unaware of its necessity. As a lash technician, it’s your job to ensure clients are aware of aftercare and how to maintain their extensions. Their lashes won’t last if they don’t take care of them properly!

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1. Use a Mild Cleanser

Eyelash glues can be very strong. However, you still need to warn your clients not to use harsh soaps when washing their face. To safely remove excess oils and particles around the eye area and lash line, use a mild cleanser. When recommending how to clean eyelash extensions, suggest a non-oil cleanser. This will ensure the soap does not affect the adhesive. You can help your clients extend the life of their extensions by cleaning and maintaining them regularly.

2. Brushing Your Lashes

After application, brushing consistently can make a big difference. Show your clients how to use a disposable or reusable brush to remove debris from their lashes. Brushing the extensions daily will also make them appear fuller. Demonstrate how to properly clean lash extensions to ensure your clients understand.

3. Avoiding Excess Oil

It is important to check the products you use to see if they can reduce the life of your extensions. Oil-based makeup removers and cleansers can be harmful to their longevity. The oils in these products will eventually break down the adhesives in the lash gel and cause the lashes to fall off faster. Explain to clients that their skincare products should not contain the words “oil-based” when explaining how to clean extensions.

4. Using Less Makeup

The whole point of lash extensions for your clients is to reduce their makeup use. Remind your clients to use less makeup daily. They will need less makeup to clean, scrub, or rub around the eye area, reducing the risk of accidentally removing the lashes. Remind them to use an eyelash brush when they notice their lashes aren’t as full.

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