How to choose an engagement ring for your ladylove?

Proposing your lady love would be the best day of your life. You may have planned a lot. You may have taken ideas from different websites and have arranged flowers, food, lighting and what not! You may have practiced those lines a thousand times. But if you missed out buying the accurate and perfect ring for her, you are missing on the most important thing! Engagement rings are easily buyable online. But when you are proposing to her with so much love, try to showcase your love through the choice of ring for her. Here are a few insights of buying the perfect ring for your bride!

Ring Size: Do you know her ring size? You won’t like it if it doesn’t enter her finger or it’s loose enough! If you have access to her house, try to take away one of her daily wear rings. Take the ring to a jeweller and ask him to take measurements. He will help you with the measurements and now you can actually buy a perfect ring for her. Women notice these small details and she will obviously notice that you know her ring size. She will be thrilled and will definitely appreciate your efforts! Remember, in the end, every woman out there counts her man’s efforts!

Buy a diamond: Do you want to make it grand? Then buy her a diamond. Diamonds are always there and they are the most beautiful and precious stones. Besides these reasons, there is another reason. The longevity of diamonds is the main reason behind people investing so much money for a piece of stone! Even if you wear the diamond ring daily, nothing will happen to it in a lifetime! The stone is strong enough to be broken. If you want to make her happy and want her to wear the ring throughout her life, you should definitely go for a diamond ring.

Plan a budget: Have you thought of your budget? Every man saves money for buying one special engagement ring. If you have planned it too, that is wonderful. If you haven’t kept aside any money for this purpose, try to fix a budget. First, go through the online jewellery shops that sell diamond engagement rings. Now, choose some rings and know the price. You will get a clear idea of how much you need to spend for the ring. Now, you know the choice of your lady. Choose engagement ring London as per her choice and fix a budget that fits one of such rings!

Know 4Cs: You know about the most important 4Cs right? The Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity are the most important factors while buying a diamond. Though diamonds are available in different colours, people mostly prefer white. The clarity of White diamond is the highest and reflects more light, so people generally buy this diamond more often. Depending on the cut of the diamond, the price changes, so you need to consider that too! Does your girl prefer a big stone on her finger or a medium one? Price of the diamond also depends on the carat of it.

Consider all these points when you are going to buy engagement ring for your lady. If she loves it, you are going to get her for a lifetime!

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