How to Brighten Up your Property Front

When you stand across the road and look at the front of your home, there will no doubt be a few things that could be improved, and with that in mind, here’s a short list of cost-effective ways to boost the kerb appeal of your home.

  • Power Wash the Roof – A local roofer would be happy to take this on, and once the tiles have been power washed, you can also have the roof sealed. A clean roof will really make a difference and it won’t take the contractor more than a couple of hours.
  • Gating & Fencing – Luckily, there are affordable fencing contractors in Yateley, and they can replace that old rustic fence with a composite fencing, and with matching gates, the look will be complete. Of course, your fencing might only need a lick of paint, and if that’s the case, you could do it in a morning.
  • Cleaning the Driveway – A jet power wash is recommended, and whether your driveway is concrete, paved, or even asphalt, a power wash will restore it to its original condition. Make sure you are thorough, as a missed section will really show up, and don’t forget the edging stones for that complete clean.
  • Trim the Hedges – The final step, this will give the elevation nice clean lines, and a general garden clean up is also recommended.

All of the above are easy to arrange, and as far as costs go, transforming the front of your home won’t be as expensive as you think.




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