Follow These Fantastic Tips To Redesign Your Personal Fashion Blog!

Fashion bloggers and style influencers have an unexpected and massive fanbase, and most of them are earning huge, either through ad revenue, or via sponsors and paid partnerships. If your personal fashion blog is not performing as expected, probably it’s time to redesign the website. In this post, we are sharing more on how you can design an impressive website without spending a fortune.

Save on development costs with website builders

When you work with web developers, you have the choice of getting a custom theme, but there’s a limit to the experimentation you can do while relying on someone. If you are on a budget or want better control on the actual prototyping process, a better idea is to use a website builder. The best website builders ensure that you have a responsive portal, which is designed using the elements and features you want. You can follow the ‘trial and error’ method to create what works for your personal style and taste.

Know your design priorities

Generally speaking, most fashion blogs and websites tend to focus more on images and visual content. Photos, images, video content may take the center stage, and therefore, if you add too many design elements, there is a high chance that the user will feel confused. The best websites, including the brand stores, designer websites, and ecommerce portals, have limited design features. If you want to focus on photos, you must consider investing in original photos. Get a photographer to click stock photos or invest in a good camera.

Having a theme in consideration

The theme of your personal fashion blog is inclusive of everything – layout, interface, design, font, color scheme and so on. It is always wise to consider your immediate purpose and design the theme accordingly. For example, if your target audience is teenaged girls, you may want to use more of pop shades, while for a website that focuses on retro fashion, a more monotone color scheme could be appropriate. There are no fixed dos and don’ts here, and most of it depends on your aesthetic preferences, but being true to the genre and theme is critical.

In conclusion

Your fashion blog should be a reflection of your personal life. You can only connect and retain your audience when you are honest with what you share. Make sure to add a few personal elements now and then, and do include text contents to boost SEO results.

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