Can You Remember the Last Time You Had Your Pool Certified?

For those of you that own a spa or a swimming pool in, or around Sydney then, you may or may not know that you are supposed to have your pool checked, and certified at least once a year. The local authority actually has the authority to come and do random checks on anything deemed to be a ‘pool’ you can find the specifics on your local authorities (LA’s) website, and, if you haven’t’ had yours checked in a while then you should get on to somebody straight away to book an independent check.

What are the requirements?

You are best to double check your LA’s guidelines, but, as a general rule of thumb, a certificate is needed to confirm that a pool complies with the safety standards set out in their mandates. As an example; safety barriers around the edge of the pool to make sure nobody accidently falls in. Generally speaking, ‘a pool’ can be defined as a hole in the ground that can be filled with water to a depth of more than 30 centimetres, so, even if you’ve only got a shallow pool knee deep you are considered to be a ‘pool’ owner and need to act in accordance.

Nobody is exempt, the safety regulations apply to each and every swimming pool built within residential land or land that is used for hospitality purposes. You should look into accredited swimming pool certifiers in Sydney to get an idea of who you should contact to come and do an independent inspection for you, for sure, the last thing anyone wants is a fine for the sake of a few dollars and a ‘tick in a box’.

What you should find.

Surprisingly enough, there are a few services accessible to you with very reasonable prices, the cost will depend on whether you are arranging a re-inspection or a pre-sale/after-sale inspection. The following are some things to expect from the inspection and what the inspector will look for:

Any plant obstacles, including branches, your CPR Sign must be in good condition, fences or barriers must be the appropriate height, and the pool gate must also be the appropriate height and, open outwardly. Check your LA’s website for the full details as the criteria can vary from area to area.

Can you do anything?

Absolutely, you can but you still need to get that piece of paper and have a professional check that what you have done will satisfy any potential inspectors. If you do your homework first, then at least that will give you a better chance of getting your accreditation the first time around.

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