Are you ready for the spring?

Are you ready for the spring? And what about your wardrobe? Here comes our top tips to win the look-game of 2022!

Being prepared with the latest trends can be exhausting, but it’s so much easier when you have a stylist by your side. And now you have! Let’s see our team’s top 5 tips for the spring by Zara, the London Style Hunter.

It’s all about (faux) leather!

Don’t be surprised if everyone around you will be wearing (faux) leather this spring. And the fun twist is that we are leaving the classic brown or black leather theme behind. You’ll find your new favorite material in many colors, but our top tips for you are soft lilac and canary yellow, the colors of the season.

Let’s grab a trench coat and be that mysterious woman!

Almost every big fashion house had a trench coat designed for this spring, so it’s not a surprise that it will rule the streets as well. And just like with the leather, we won’t stick with the classic camel-sand color, but we will see vibrant greens and super feminin rose colored ones as well.

May the high-rise domination come to an end. Welcome back, low-slung waist!

For many years, the rule for trousers’ waist was ‘the higher, the better’ but it’s ending now and we are returning to the 90’s-00’s style in an upgraded way. Have a low-waist trouser and some crop tops and you’ll be the fashion queen of the streets.

And if you are not a fan of low-slung waists, go for the pleated skirts!

Unquestionably, one of the most defining trends of spring 2022 is the pleated midi. And the good news is, there will be no limitation on the color, material or patterns so you can definitely find your personal favorite and rock your look every single day.

It’s time to talk about the bags!

We women love bags and after going for smaller and smaller pieces in the previous seasons, it’s going to be a completely different direction in 2022; you’ll see massive bulky bags everywhere. So grab everything you needed to leave at home in the last couple of years, it’s time to go for a walk!


We are making it simple and easy for you, but working personally with a stylist can help you go even further.
A good stylist can literally walk you through the fashion streets and explain everything you need to know about your body shape, the impression you’d like to create, how to mix and match pieces and what are the biggest mistakes you can make.

Working with a fashion professional and creating a wardrobe you love can boost up your confidence and help you create something that makes you happy even on rainy days.

Knowing your style and feeling glamorous on an average day is not only for celebrities. Every woman deserves to be seen in a way she wants to be seen and a good stylist can support you all along in this journey.

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