5 Graduation Gift-Giving Mistakes to Avoid

As gift-givers, we are guilty of committing mistakes, including those we’ll list down in this article. Now that graduation season is here, as you search for the perfect gift, make sure that you are not guilty of making any of these mistakes.

  • Choosing a Generic Gift

For sure, many of you have already been in a point when you have to find a gift on the last minute, especially during the holidays. The ending is that you pick one that is generic because you no longer have time, such as candles, books, and mugs. Make it more special by personalizing. For instance, do not give out just any mug. You can personalize it with the photo of the recipient or an inspirational quote. If you are looking for the best personalized graduation gifts, Shutterfly has you covered!

  • Spending Too Much

Many people spend a lot of money when buying graduation gifts, thinking that it makes it more special. Truth is, even if it is cheap, as long as it is from the bottom of the heart and it is functional, it can be appreciated. It might sound cliché, but that is the truth. For budget-friendly graduation gift ideas, be sure to check out Shutterfly.com.

  • Recycling a Gift

Regifting is a common practice, but this is one of the awkward gift-giving mistakes to avoid. Graduation is a special celebration, so why would you give someone a gift that you do not personally like? Luckily, you don’t need to settle with expensive gifts to make sure that the recipient appreciates it. Nonetheless, take note that there is nothing bad about recycling a gift. You just have to make sure that it is something that the recipient will love, and he or she should never know that it is a regift.

  • Being Thoughtless

When shopping for graduation gifts, make sure that you think carefully before deciding what to get for the recipient. For instance, if you are giving food as a gift, make sure that the receiver is not allergic to any of its ingredients. Before you give out a book, see to it that you won’t appear insensitive. A great gift is one that has been given careful thought. Pay attention to the character and interests of the graduate to find a gift that is sure to be well-loved.

  • Giving Vouchers

This is one thing that is subject to debate. Many may argue that vouchers are great graduation gifts because they are practical. However, giving a voucher shows that you are too lazy to find a better gift. It can be impersonal. If you are going to give a voucher, make sure that it is for something that the recipient will love, such as from a favorite restaurant or store. Still, we are strongly against the idea of giving vouchers.

Make the graduate happy with a special gift! Be sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned above and you can easily receive the award for the best gift-giver of the year!

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