5 Amazing Ways to Create a Healthier Home

A healthy house is a place that promotes well-being, both for the planet and people. It may include things such as keeping your home maintained, cleaned, contaminate-free and ventilated for air quality.

In the buying process of a home, there are many questions that you may ask about the construction and design that contribute to making it healthier.

But if you have a home already, it is never too late. You can use the following ways to make your home healthier:

1.      Let in Fresh Air

Opening the doors and pulling the drapes back will not just allow the natural sunlight in the house. It will also flush out polluted air and allow fresh air in.

According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), if you don’t let enough air come indoors, pollutants may accumulate in the house to a level that may pose health issues.

So the most effective approach to improving the indoor air is to consider ventilating it with clean outdoor air.

2.      Have the Rugs Cleaned

People spend more than 90% of their time indoors. So it is pretty simple to see why clean homes are important.

This is true for rugs, which may have a great impact on your family’s health, especially when you have kids around.

So with the professional rug cleaning Westlake Village, you will prevent your rugs from being exposed to dangerous bacteria.

3.      Wash Hands

During flu and cold season, you mostly hear that washing the hands frequently helps keep the germs from being passed around.

However, washing hands is a great routine for young kids, which may keep them from ingesting toxins, such as fire-retardant. What your vacuum won’t pick up, your kids can.

Studies show that regular water and soap work just fine for getting rid of germs. It is all about the process and not the products you use. So teach your kids to moisten their hands, rub thoroughly using soap, and rinse afterward.

4.      Keep Your Towel Clean Frequently

Most individuals regularly keep their clothes clean but tend not to keep their towels hygienic. Bath towels are breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria, thanks to dead skin cells, warmth, and moisture.

You should regularly wash your bath towels, preferably after using them three times. Plus, avoid sharing your bath towels to minimize exposure to microbes, which your body is not used to.

5.      Grow Plants

Include many plants, both inside and outside your house. Plants normally help to filter air because they absorb carbon dioxide.

You don’t necessarily need a green thumb so as to make plants, such as mint, rosemary, or basil flourish. All these are low-maintenance and fragrant plants, which you may use in most of your drinks and recipes.

In addition, if you are looking to grow plants you plan to eat, you will not need to worry about whether unsafe fertilizers or fertilizers have been used.

To Wrap-Up!

Healthy lifestyles being at home. Whether you prefer switching to green plants, getting clean air, cleaning the rug, or following a new housekeeping schedule, owning a healthier home is important when it comes to its general wellness.

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